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  • Journal of Elementary Education
    Vol 16 No Spec.Iss (2023)

    Editors’ Introduction

    Thematic Numbers Editors:
    Dr. Sonja Starc, Nickolas Komninos

    The current thematic issue of the Journal of Elementary Education fits into perspective by discussing multimodal texts in modern communication with the aim of showing how we perceive and deal with multimodal texts in our (Slovene, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, South African) cultural environment and how and how much we include them in the school system. At the same time, we want to stimulate a critical discussion within the aforementioned discourse. Thematically, the articles are linked to the theoretical research of multimodal texts and the connection with school learning, as well as case studies of analyses of the use of semiotic means in picture books and textbook texts to express a message (socially sensitive topics - gender stereotypes - and humour). Discussions are based on the Systemic Functional and visual grammar and other theoretical aspects.

    Lektorski pregled tematske številke/Proofreading of Special Issue:
    Dr. Sonja Starc & Nikolas Komninos

  • Vol 15 No Spec.Iss (2022)

    The inclusion of museums, galleries and cultural and natural heritage in school curricula and the high number of school visits to heritage institutions prove that museum pedagogy has a very important place in educational practise. The same cannot be said for educational theory, as there is a lack of research in the field of museums and education. Museum pedagogy is an interdisciplinary science that combines multiple theoretical and methodological approaches.

    The international contributions in the thematic issue represent an important scientific contribution not only in the field of museum pedagogy, but also in the field of general education. This is constantly influenced by social change, so that, as the researchers emphasise, it is important to constantly investigate, both on large, representative samples and on smaller samples or individual cases.

    Thematic Numbers Editors

  • Vol 14 No Spec.Iss (2021)

    Also in the educational space, social pedagogy has been receiving an increasingly relevant position. In their contributions the authors display a wide array of activities of the rather young discipline, with orientation into work with children and adolescents with behavioural and emotional difficulties and disorders representing the dominant content. Confronted with an inflation of studies and publications of the quite small circle of research cadre, the papers represent an important scientific contribution.

    Dr. Mitja Krajnčan, Guest Editor

  • Vol 13 No Spec. Iss. (2020)

    In this special edition of the Journal of Elementary Education, the contributions represent an outcome of the project Innovative Learning and Teaching for Quality Careers of Graduates and Excellent Higher Education (INOVUP). In their papers the authors discuss training for higher education teachers and professional associates, the use of new teaching methods and forms of learning and approaches to learning and teaching as well as various supporting activities.

    Editor-in-Chief: Matjaž Duh
    Web Release Date: August, 2020

  • Vol 13 No 2 (2020)

    Editor-in-Chief: Matjaž Duh
    Web Release Date: July, 2020


  • Vol 13 No 1 (2020)

    Editor-in-Chief: Matjaž Duh
    Web Release Date: March 2020


  • Vol 12 No 4 (2019)

    Editor-in-Chief: Matjaž Duh
    Web Release Date: December, 2019


  • Vol 12 No 3 (2019)

    Editor-in-Chief: Matjaž Duh
    Web Release Date: September, 2019


  • Vol 12 No 2 (2019)

    Editor-in-Chief: Matjaž Duh
    Web Release Date: June, 2019


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