• Vol 20 No 2 (2023)

    Andreja BOREC, Tina LEŠNIK, Tadeja KRANER ŠUMENJAK, Mateja MURŠEC. The Effects of Hedgerows Shading on Soil Temperature and Gravimetric Soil Water Content.
    Tatjana KLAKOČAR, Karmen PAŽEK, Lazar PAVIĆ. Investment Plan and Evaluation of the Transition
    of a Farm to a Wellness Tourist Farm.
    Ana STARMAN, Elizabeta MIČOVIĆ, Tomaž LANGERHOLC. Overview of Communication Activities and a Plan to Improve Public Perception of Food Additives.
    Nejc ZIDAR, Jernej TURK, Jernej PRIŠENK. Expressing Added Value in Food Supply Chains.
    Walter Odhiambo OTIENO, Reuben Oyoo MOSI, Peter BULLI. Diversity Analysis of Adult Chironomidae in the Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya.

  • Vol 20 No 1 (2023)

    Janko SKOK. The Parasite-Mediated Domestication Hypothesis.
    Manfred JAKOP, Nataša BELŠAK, Erik RIHTER, Tjaša CENČIČ PREDIKAKA, Dušan KLINAR, Denis STAJNKO, Silva GROBELNIK MLAKAR. The Effect of Biochar Applied Alone and in Combination with Mineral and Organic Fertilisers on the Yield of White Cabbage and Soil Properties.
    Špela JELEN, Andreja URBANEK KRAJNC. Composition of Proteins and Phenolics in the Leaves of Different Mulberry Species (Morus alba L., M. alba × rubra, M. australis Poir., M. nigra L.).
    Martina DOBAJ GOMBOC, Janko SKOK, Dejan ŠKORJANC, Maja PREVOLNIK POVŠE. Suckling Behaviour of Piglets Affected by Body Weight and Sex.
    Abimbola ADEPOJU, Oluwaseun ADEKUNLE. Are Tomato Farmers Willing to Adopt the Hydroponics
    Farming System in Oyo State, Nigeria?
    Andras KÁRPINSZKY, Gergely DOBSINSZKI. Pig Weight Estimation According to RGB Image Analysis.
    Yusuf AZEEZ OLANREWAJU, Surajudeen MONSURAT BOLANLE, Akinyemi BOLANLE TEMITOPE. Common Plant Bioactive Components Adopted in Combating Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Small Ruminant – A Review.

  • Vol 19 No 2 (2022)

    Janko SKOK, Maja PREVOLNIK-POVŠE, Dejan ŠKORJANC. Deviation of the Secondary Sex Ratio after Natural Mating or Artificial Insemination in the Domestic Pig: The Influence of the Sex Composition of the Breeding Population.
    Peter-Damian CHUKWUNOMSO JIWUBA, Solomon CHINEDU EGEDE, Ruth CHIOMA AKAZUE, Jecinta NWAKAEGO OMUMUABUIKE, Ugochukwu ONYENAUCHEYA ANDREW, Terry UJIAGBE IRELEN. Supplementation Effect of Different Levels of African Peach (Nauclea latifolia) Leaf Meal on the Performance of West African Dwarf Goats.
    Janez VALDHUBER, Borut PULKO. The Impact of Bentonite Fining on Apple Juice Clarity and Sodium Content.
    Borut PULKO, Meta FRANGEŽ, Janez VALDHUBER. The Impact of Shoot Topping Intensity on Grape Ripening and Yield of 'Chardonnay'.
    Anastazija GSELMAN, Mihela FERME, Miran PODVRŠNIK. The Impact of Two Different Cutting Regimes on Grassland Species Diversity.

  • Vol 19 No 1 (2022)

    Metka ŠIŠKO, Tina TERNJAK, Silva GROBELNIK MLAKAR. The Effects of Different Cytokinin Types and Their Concentration on in Vitro Growth of Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) Shoots.
    Oluwakemi Adeola OBAYELU, David Olusegun DAIRO, Olukemi Olumuyiwa OLOWE. What Factors Explain Postharvest Losses of Orange Fruit (Citrus sinensis) from Farm to Fork in the Tropics?
    Nemanja JALIĆ, Karmen PAŽEK, Željko VAŠKO. Cost-benefit Analysis of an Apple Orchard in the Republic of Srpska.
    Tina TERNJAK, Metka ŠIŠKO. Intra and between population genetic relationships among wild cherries [Prunus avium (L.) L.] based on molecular markers.
    Jana AMBROŽIČ-DOLINŠEK, Sanja OBLONŠEK, Terezija CIRINGER. Slow Growth Storage of Berula erecta in vitro – Effect of Sucrose, Sorbitol and Temperature.
    Luka GRGURIČ, Tadeja KRANER ŠUMENJAK, Janja KRISTL. Cyanide Contents in Pits of Cherries, Gages and Plums Using a Modified Sensitive Picrate Method.

  • Vol 18 No 1-2 (2021)

    Peter-Damian Chukwunomso JIWUBA, Stanley Uzochukwu ILO, Wisdom AMADURUONYE, Nonye Lilian AZODO, Chinenye UZOMA. Blood Profile of Growing Rabbits Fed Pro-Vitamin A Fortified Cassava Peel Meal Based Diets.
    Andrej ŠUŠEK, Klara COPOT, Metka ŠIŠKO. The Effects of pH-Neutral Electrolysed Oxidising Water on Growth and Development of Chrysanthemums.
    Barbara JANŽIČ, Vesna BUKOVAC, Marjan SKALICKY, Tadeja KRANER-ŠUMENJAK. Perceptions of a Vegetarian Diet Among Students.
    Jože SMOLINGER, Dejan ŠKORJANC. Methods of Assessing Cattle Temperament and Factors Affecting it: a review.
    Jernej GOLC, Jernej TURK, Jernej PRIŠENK. An Analysis of the First Pillar of the CAP by Evaluating its Selected
    Indicators and Measuring its Impact on the Performance of Slovenian Agriculture over the Period 2014-2020.
    Ana LONČARIČ, Maja PREVOLNIK POVŠE, Janko SKOK, Dejan ŠKORJANC. Birth order, suckling behaviour and growth in piglets: A case study of the extreme delay in birth of two surviving piglets

  • Vol 17 No 1-2 (2020)

    Andrej VOGRIN, Petra MARKO, Tatjana UNUK. Sensory Evaluation of Dry Persimmons of the Tipo (Diospyros kaki L. f.) Variety
    Andrej PAUŠIČ, Andrej ŠUŠEK. The Occurrence of Cultivated Plants in the Region of Styria from the Palaeolithic till the Middle Ages
    Anja PIPAN, Aleš GAČNIK. Role of Cultural Heritage in the Development of Gastronomy Tourism in the Rural Area: Case of the Vipava Valley
    Barbara BERNJAK, Janja KRISTL. A Review of Tannins in Berries
    Ronke Victoria ORIMOGUNJE, Ayodeji Sunday OGUNLEYE, Ayodeji Damilola KEHINDE. Effect of Microcredit on Profit Efficiency of Small-Scale Poultry Farmers Oyo State, Nigeria

  • Vol 16 No 1-2 (2019)

    Metka ŠIŠKO, Anja IVANUŠ, Anton IVANČIČ. Determination of Sambucus Interspecific Hybrid Structure using Molecular Markers
    Benjamin Scott WOLLEY, Jernej TURK. An Inquisitive Scrutiny of the Second Pillar and its Impacts Envisaged on the Ever-Changing CAP
    Kadurumba CHUKWUEMEKA, Njoku Ignatius ANAYO, Achi OGECHI. Multifactor Productivity of Smallholder Yam Farmers in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
    Ayodeji Damilola KEHINDE, Muyiwa Sunday OLATIDOYE. Credit Constraint and Technical Efficiency of Smallholder Cassava Farmers in Osun State, Nigeria
    Gabriel Olufemi DAYO-OLAGBENDE, Solomon Alaba ADEJORO, Babatunde Sunday EWULO, Moses Adeyemi AWODUN. Effects of Oxidation-Reduction Potentials on Soil Microbes

  • Vol 15 No 1/2 (2018)

    Andrej MERGEDUŠ, Martina PŠENKOVÁ, Maksimiljan BRUS, Marjan JANŽEKOVIČ. Tannins and their Effect on Production Efficiency of Ruminants.
    Billal NIA, Mohamed Kamel BEN SALAH. Chinaberry Aqueous Extract and Fumigant Effects on Carob Moth.
    Aleš GAČNIK, Mihály László VÖRÖS. Protected Food & Wine Products as a Driving Force for Creativity and Innovation of Gastronomy Tourism Development: Case of Slovenia and Hungary.
    Andrej PAUŠIČ, Andrej ŠUŠEK. Iron Age farming in the Central European Alpine and Dinaric regions; crop occurrence and distribution.

  • Vol 14 No 1/2 (2017)

    Barbara VIDEC, Jurij RAKUN. Estimating the size of plants by using two parallel views.
    Valiollah RAMEEH. Combining ability and breeding potential of oilseed rape advanced lines for some of important quantitative traits.
    Peter-Damian Chukwunomso JIWUBA, Ifeanyi Princewill OGBUEWU, Elisha DAUDA, Caritas Chibuike AZUBUIKE. Blood profile and gut microbial load of broilers fed siam weed (Chromolaena odorata) leaf meal in their diets.
    Manfred JAKOP, Silva GROBELNIK MLAKAR, Martina BAVEC, Martina ROBAČER, Tjaša VUKMANIČ, Urška LISEC, Franci BAVEC. Yield performance and agronomic efficiency in oil pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo L. group Pepo) depending on production systems and varieties.
    Peter-Damian Chukwunomso JIWUBA, Lydia Chidimma JIWUBA, Moses Udoha ONYEKWERE. Growth performance, haematology and serum biochemistry of West African dwarf sheep fed cassava peel-oil palm leaf meal based diets in a hot humid tropics.

  • Vol 13 No 1/2 (2016)

    Silva GROBELNIK MLAKAR, Manfred JAKOP, Martina ROBAČER, Martina BAVEC, Franc BAVEC. Growth performance, productivity and diseases susceptibility of barley varieties in Slovenia within the Cobra project’s site comparison.
    Tadeja JERE JAKULIN. System dynamics models as decision-making tools in agritourism.
    Andrej ŠUŠEK. Perspectives of Christmas rose (Helleborus niger L.) genetic improvement.
    Maša PRIMEC. Nanotechnology in food safety and quality assessment: potentiality of nanoparticles in diagnosis of foodborne pathogens.
    Livija TUŠAR, Irena Leonida KROPF, Avrelija CENCIČ. Impact of salt reduction on the number of microorganisms and a sensory analysis for Kranjska sausages during their shelf-life.
    Mateja SOKLIČ, Aleš GREGORC. Comparison of the two microsporidia that infect honey bees – a review.
    Metka ŠIŠKO. Identifcation of hypothetical duplicate accessions of plums (Prunus domestica L.) within the slovene plant gene bank collection using molecular markers.
    Metka ŠIŠKO. In vitro tissue culture initiation from potted and garden Hydrangea macrophylla explants.
    Peter-Damian Chukwunomso JIWUBA, Francis Okechukwu AHAMEFULE, Okechukwu Samuel OKECHUKWU, Kingsley IKWUNZE. Feed intake, body weight changes and haematology of West African dwarf goats fed dietary levels of Moringa oleifera leaf meal.
    Oluwakemi Adeola OBAYELU, Samuel EBUTE. Assessment of cassava supply response in Nigeria using vector error correction model (VECM).
    Miran PODVRŠNIK, Anastazija GSELMAN. The effect of late autumn cutting of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) on the growth rhythm of the frst cut in the following year.

  • Vol 12 No 1/2 (2015)

    Maja ŽIBRAT, Karmen PAŽEK and Vesna WEINGERL. Business plan for a Zen garden.
    Mateja FELICIJAN, Metka NOVAK, Nada KRAŠEVEC and Andreja URBANEK KRAJNC. Antioxidant defences of Norway spruce bark against bark beetles and its associated blue-stain fungus.
    Uroš ŠKRUBEJ, Črtomir ROZMAN and Denis STAJNKO. The accuracy of the germination rate of seeds based on image processing and artificial neural networks.
    Marinka BRGLEZ SEVER, Stanislav TOJNKO and Tatjana UNUK. Impact of various types of anti-hail nets on light exposure in orchards and quality parameters of apples– a rewiev.
    Franc BAVEC, Martina BAVEC, Silva GROBELNIK MLAKAR and Milojka FEKONJA. Sweet maize growth and yield response to organic and mineral fertilizers, N rates and soil water regimes.
    Tina UGULIN, Tamas BAKONYI, Rebeka BERČIČ and Andreja URBANEK KRAJNC. Variations in leaf total protein, phenolic and thiol contents amongst old varieties of mulberry from the Gorizia region.

  • Vol 11 No 1/2 (2014)

    Aly R ABDEL-MOEMIN, Alaa OSAMA ABORAYA. Innovative beverages of coffee and tea based on dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) roots and leaves.
    Aleš KOLMANIČ, Mario LEŠNIK. The impact of selected adjuvants on glyphosate efficacy for control of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis l.).
    Péter SZABÓ, Jernej PRIŠENK, Jernej TURK. The 2014-2020 budgetary period of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its impact on Hungarian agricultural reform.
    Aly R ABDEL-MOEMIN. Consumer satisfaction and nutrient profile of reformulated dry soups.
    Diana BILIĆ-ŠOBOT, Marjeta ČANDEK-POTOKAR, Valentina KUBALE, Dejan ŠKORJANC. Boar taint: interfering factors and possible ways to reduce it.

  • Vol 10 No 1/2 (2013)

    Uthandi BOOMINATHAN and Palanivel K. SIVAKUMAAR. Bacillus megaterium (AUM72)-mediated induction of defense related enzymes to enhance the resistance of turmeric (Curcuma longaL.) to Pythium aphanidermatumcausing rhizome rot.
    Ravi K. SINGH, J. S. BOHRA, Triyugi NATH and Rajeev K. SRIVASTAVA. Effect of varying level of diversification and intensification of rice-wheat cropping system on the production potential and nutrient balance of soil in Indo-Gangetic Plain of India.
    Andreja Urbanek KRAJNC, Maja TURINEK and Anton IVANČIČ. Morphological and physiological changes during adventitious root formation as affected by auxin metabolism: Stimulatory effect of auxin containing seaweed extract treatment.
    Marko OCEPEK and Dejan ŠKORJANC. Circadian behavioral patterns and body weight affect ammonia emissions in a pig fattening room.
    Andrej ŠUŠEK. Genetic diversity of Christmas rose (Helleborus nigerL.) natural local populations as revealed by AFLP markers.
    Hossam F. ABOU-SHAARA, Ahmad A. AL-GHAMDI and Abdelsalam A. MOHAMED. Body morphological characteristics of honey bees.
    Igor VOJTIC. The effect of seminal plasma alkaline phosphatase, fructose and aspartate-amino-transferase on non-return rate in bulls.
    Mario LEŠNIK, Stanislav VAJS, Vesna GABERŠEK and Vili KURNIK. Investigation of phytotoxicity regarding copper fungicides applied to apples.

  • Vol 9 No 1/2 (2012)

    Martin J. FRICK. Economic bases for a cooperative business in Slovenian agriculture.
    Miroljub KLJAJIĆ, Andrej ŠKRABA and Črtomir ROZMAN. Methodology of system dynamics for decision support in agriculture.
    Martin PAVLOVIČ, Jernej TURK and Viljem PAVLOVIČ. A review of the EU hop industry involvement within a beer brewing sector.
    Črtomir ROZMAN and Karmen PAŽEK. Introduction  to DEXi multi criteria decision  models: What they are and how to use them in agriculture.
    Jernej PRIŠENK and Andreja BOREC. A combination of the Multi-criteria approach and SWOT analysis for the identification of shortcomings in the production and marketing of local food.
    Miroslav REDNAK, Tina VOLK and Emil ERJAVEC. Does accession to European Union substantially change the economic situation in Croatian agriculture: impact assessment for key production sectors on the basis of static deterministic farm revenue modelling.
    Cesar REVOREDO-GIHA and Philip LEAT. Premia for differentiated products at the retail level: can the market put a value on the mountain attribute?
    Karmen PAŽEK and Črtomir ROZMAN. Binominal models application of investments in agri-food production.

  • Vol 9 No Sup. 1 (2012)


    Stane KOCUTAR. From winemaking course in Pekre to academic degree programmes at Meranovo.
    Stanko VRŠIČ. An overwiew of ampelographic research and modifications of grapevine assortment.
    Borut PULKO. Development of viticulture in Styria from time to Archduke Johann until today.
    Janez VALDHUBER. Quality of Styrian wines from the period of Archduke John of Austria until today.

  • Vol 8 No 2 (2011)

    Jernej TURK, Terence V. PRICE and Anton IVANČIČ. Ethical challenges in modern and profitable agriculture.
    Marija LEŠNIK. Sustainability awareness-raising in a foreign language course. 
    Metka ŠIŠKO. Micropropagation of roses (Rosa spp.): The effects of different media on in vitro rooting. 
    Vili KURNIK, Vesna GABERŠEK, Mario LEŠNIK, Marjana KURNIK. Comparison of efficacy of contact and systemic acting copper formulations for control of apple scab (Venturia inaequalis Cooke)

  • Vol 8 No 1 (2011)

    Nina PRAH, Manfred JAKOP and Franc BAVEC. Effects of the water based plant care concentrate, Mineral, on winter wheat.
    Munesh KUMAR and Govind Singh RAJWAR. Grain production of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) andrice (Oryza sativa L.) at different altitudes in Garhwal Himalaya, India. 
    Jiří  HECZKO, Anastazija GSELMAN,  Matjaž  TURINEK, Martina BAVEC and Janja KRISTL. Organic carbon content in soils of long-­term field trial: comparison of analytical methods. 
    Aly R. ABDEL-MOEMIN, Ashraf A. A. EL-MEGEID, Ebtesam Fath M. OMAR, Yasmeen F. ABD EL-MONEIM, Dalia Mohamed TALAAT and Sonia Salah ELMARASY. To investigate effects of a shifting high fat diet to normal fat diet supplemented with magnesium, zinc and chromium on biochemical parameters in rats with diabetes. 
    Metka ŠIŠKO. In vitro propagation of Gisela 5 (Prunus cerasus × P. canescens).

  • Vol 7 No 2 (2010)

    Rajko BERNIK, Miran LAKOTA and Denis STAJNKO. A study of physical characteristics of three walnut cultivars (Juglans regia L.) for creshing on centrifugal nutcracher.
    Tiyogi NATH, Priyankar RAHA and Amitava RAKSHIT. Sorption and desorption behaviour of iodine in alluvial soils of Varanasi, India.
    Tomaž LEVSTEK and Miran LAKOTA. The use of artificial neural networks for compounds prediction in biogas from anaerobic digestion – A review.
    Rasha M. ARAFA, Mona MASSOUD EL-SAID, Manal K ABDEL-RAHMAN and Ashraf A. Abd EL-MEGEID. Carbon tetrachloride – induce hepatotoxicity in rats: The potential effect of bread supplemented with dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale) on the nutritional status.
    Maša SKELIN, Marjan RUPNIK and Marko VOLK. Breeding of laboratory mice for biomedical research.

  • Vol 7 No 1 (2010)

    LEE Seong Wei, NAJIAH Musa, WENDY Wee. In vitro antimicrobial activities of Colocasia esculentaextract against Vibrio spp. – short communication.
    Zarja BOHAK, Andreja BOREC and Jernej TURK. An appraisal of family farm succession studies: a review
    Maja PREVOLNIK, Ben MOLJK, Marjeta ČANDEK-POTOKAR. Production efficiency of rearing calves for organic veal “Pohorje beef” trade mark.
    Vili KURNIK, Vesna GABERŠEK, Mario LEŠNIK. Influence of copper fungicide/fertilizer formulations applied during the blooming period on a fruit set of apples.
    Jure KOLARIČ. Abscission of young apple fruits (Malus domestica Borkh.): a review.

  • Vol 6 No 2 (2009)

    Vikrant MALIK, Rakesh MOHAN and Munesh KUMAR. Effect of Melia azedarach L. intercropping on Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench varieties in hills of Mizoram.
    Silva GROBELNIK MLAKAR, Matjaž TURINEK, Manfred JAKOP, Martina BAVEC, Franc BAVEC. Nutrition value and use of grain amaranth: potential future application in bread making.
    Halil FIDAN. Citrus overview of the European Union-15 and Turkey. 
    Ashraf Abd-El Aziz ABDEL-MEGEID, Aly Rashad ABDEL-MOEMIN, Manal Kamal ABDEL-RAHMAN, Rasha Mahmoud ARAFA. Do diets supplemented with common herbs alleviate the symptoms of rich fructose diet in rats?
    Manoharan Melvin JOE, Palanivel Karpagavinayaga SIVAKUMAAR. Long term survivability of Azospirillum co-aggregates: Bioinoculation effect on the growth and yield of sunflower.

  • Vol 6 No 1 (2008)

    Matjaž TURINEK, Silva GROBELNIK-MLAKAR, Martina BAVEC, Franc BAVEC. Biodynamic agriculture from past to present.
    Marija VOGRIN BRAČIČ and Dejan ŠKORJANC. Factors influencing on post-weaning performance of primiparous and multiparous sows: a review.
    Karmen PAŽEK, Črtomir ROZMAN. The real options approach for assessment of business opportunities in spelt processing.
    Darja MAJKOVIČ, Črtomir ROZMAN, Vanesa ŽDERIĆ. Food value chains in Slovenia and their risks assessment.
    Nicola GALLUZZO. Mass media and food consumptions: the case of avian flu syndrome in Italy.
    Aly Rashad ABDEL-MOEMIN, Elham Mohamed MAHAMOUD, Eman Mokbel GHALAB, Manal Kamal ABDEL-RAHMAN. The potential effect of some dairy products on liver functions, immunity and intestinal microbiota in rats.

  • Vol 5 No 2 (2008)

    Andrej ŠUŠEK. Morphological descriptors of Christmas rose (Helleborus niger L.). 
    Mohamed A. SHEBL, Soliman M. KAMEL, Talaat A. Abu HASHESH and Mohamed A. OSMAN. The impact of leafcutting bee (Megachile minutissima, Megachilidae, Hymenoptera) (Radoszkowski, 1876) artificial nest sites on seed production of alfalfa, Ismailia, Egypt.
    Etleva VEIZAJ, Myqerem TAFAJ and Klaus MAENNER. The effect of the combined probiotic preparation on growth performance, digestibility, microbial composition of intestine and faeces of weaned piglets.
    Mario LEŠNIK, Jernej BRZIN, Nataša MEHLE and Maja RAVNIKAR. Transmission of ‘Candidatus phytoplasma mali ’ by natural formation of root bridges in M9 apple rootstock.
    Manoharan Melvin JOE and Palanivel Karpagavinayaga SIVAKUMAAR. Growth and N2 fixation in Sesbania rostrata by H2O2 pretreated Azorhizobium caulinodans and it’s effect as green manure on lowland rice.

  • Vol 5 No 1 (2007)

    Igor VOJTIC. Evaluation of closantel and mebendazole for the reduction of faecal egg count in sheep nematodes.
    Avrelija CENCIČ and Andreja BOREC. Microbial food safety standards in organic farming – A review.
    Karmen PAŽEK and Črtomir ROZMAN. The decision support system for supplementary activities on organic farms. 
    Metka ŠIŠKO and Branka JAVORNIK. Effectiveness of AFLP and SSR molecular markers in determination of genetic relationships among pear (Pyrus spp.) genotypes.
    Maarten de GROOT, Meta VIRANT-DOBERLET and Alenka ŽUNIČ. Trichopoda pennipes F. (Diptera, Tachinidae): A new natural enemy of Nezara viridula (L.) in Slovenia – short communication.

  • Vol 4 No 2 (2006)

    Radmila DYTRTOVA. Results of acquiring didactic competence during teachers´ training courses. 
    Pavel KRPALEK. Information skills in the education.
    Jiri VOTAVA. Analyses of teachers´ problems in the European context.
    Francisco Ortiz BERROCAL, L.P. NAGER, V.O. SOMOVILLA and G. LEVEQUE. Leonardo Pilot Project VIVRE (Enhancing Life Initiatives trough Training in the Rural Territories of Europe).
    Drahomira OUDOVA. The difference of social competence between students of technical schools and the schools of humanities.
    Križ EMIL. Teaching performance in the lessons of practical training during pedagogical practice of IEC students.
    Manfred BRAUEUER. Teacher training at the level of agricultural schools - new challenges and new conception.
    Milan SLAVIK. The changing role of VET teachers and trainers.
    M. BOLDYREV. The Influence of industrial potential at release of ecologically clean products.
    T.P. BOLDYREVA and O.D. GUSHINA. Educational work in higher institutions today.
    T.P. BOLDYREVA, G.I. STEPANOVA and D.V. FEDOROVA. Active foreign language learning in agricultural academy.
    Karin SCHMIDT. Development of a new teaching and learning culture in the professional education of farmers.
    Jiri HUSA. The school web site as the communication and educational network centre.

  • Vol 4 No 1 (2006)

    Andrej VOGRIN. The influence of the width of the herbicide zone on growth and productivity of apples. 
    Andrej VOGRIN. Grass communities in intensive and extensive orchards.
    Janja KRISTL, Metka SLEKOVEC. Determination of vitamin C in lemon, grapefruit juices and in dried carrots by liquid chromatography.
    Andreja URBANEK KRAJNC and Maria MUELLER. An insight into the defence mechanisms and the role of glutathione during advanced ZYMV infection in Styrian oil pumpkin.

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