Andrej VOGRIN, Petra MARKO, Tatjana UNUK. Sensory Evaluation of Dry Persimmons of the Tipo (Diospyros kaki L. f.) Variety
Andrej PAUŠIČ, Andrej ŠUŠEK. The Occurrence of Cultivated Plants in the Region of Styria from the Palaeolithic till the Middle Ages
Anja PIPAN, Aleš GAČNIK. Role of Cultural Heritage in the Development of Gastronomy Tourism in the Rural Area: Case of the Vipava Valley
Barbara BERNJAK, Janja KRISTL. A Review of Tannins in Berries
Ronke Victoria ORIMOGUNJE, Ayodeji Sunday OGUNLEYE, Ayodeji Damilola KEHINDE. Effect of Microcredit on Profit Efficiency of Small-Scale Poultry Farmers Oyo State, Nigeria

Published: 2021-05-17