Editorial Policy

Aimes and scopes
The journal Agricultura Scientia publishes scientific works from the following fields: animal science, plant production, farm mechanisation, farm buildings, land management, agricultural economics, rural sociology, ecology, preservation of biodiversity, biotechnology, microbiology, physiology, pedology and bioethics. Also papers discussing innovative pedagogical methods, philosophy of education or solutions to teaching problems in life science may be included.

Manuscripts to the journal Agricultura Scientia must not have been previously published in any other scientific journal. Following the acceptance for publication, the authors automatically receive the copyright protection. All those who wish to reproduce material published in the journal Agricultura must obtain prior consent from the editorial board for the reproduction. In the case of illustrations, a note of acknowledgement to the original source must be published beneath them.

Peer review process
The article review procedure Manuscripts submitted to the editorial board will be assessed by two reviewers. Members of the editorial board and the other qualified reviewers are experts in particular scientific fields, as proven by their research excellence. The reviewer prepares evaluation of the manuscript on the basis of instructions of A, referring to the choice of correct approaches and the suitability of methods, statistical analysis, the clarity of the text, logics and ethical principles. Furthermore, the reviewer must also take care to note whether the contributions add any new scientific occurrences, whether the results support the formulated hypotheses, and whether the content of the article is suited to the nature of the journal A. Should it happen that the manuscript is rejected, the author may discuss the matter with the editor-in-chief of the journal. The editor-in-chief will than consult with members of the editorial board and convey a written decision to the author. The manuscript may also go for second assessment. Following the second assessment, the decision of the editor-in-chief of the journal shall remain final.

Agricultura Scientia is not responsible for statements or opinion printed in its publications: they represent the views of the authors or persons to whom they are credited and are not binding on the Agricultura as a whole. Trade names are sometimes mentioned in papers published in this journal. No endorsement of these products by the publisher is intended, nor any criticism of them. Reproduction requires the permission of the publisher. Other users should request permission of author(s) and notify the publisher.