Martin J. FRICK. Economic bases for a cooperative business in Slovenian agriculture.
Miroljub KLJAJIĆ, Andrej ŠKRABA and Črtomir ROZMAN. Methodology of system dynamics for decision support in agriculture.
Martin PAVLOVIČ, Jernej TURK and Viljem PAVLOVIČ. A review of the EU hop industry involvement within a beer brewing sector.
Črtomir ROZMAN and Karmen PAŽEK. Introduction  to DEXi multi criteria decision  models: What they are and how to use them in agriculture.
Jernej PRIŠENK and Andreja BOREC. A combination of the Multi-criteria approach and SWOT analysis for the identification of shortcomings in the production and marketing of local food.
Miroslav REDNAK, Tina VOLK and Emil ERJAVEC. Does accession to European Union substantially change the economic situation in Croatian agriculture: impact assessment for key production sectors on the basis of static deterministic farm revenue modelling.
Cesar REVOREDO-GIHA and Philip LEAT. Premia for differentiated products at the retail level: can the market put a value on the mountain attribute?
Karmen PAŽEK and Črtomir ROZMAN. Binominal models application of investments in agri-food production.

Published: 2020-08-27