Uthandi BOOMINATHAN and Palanivel K. SIVAKUMAAR. Bacillus megaterium (AUM72)-mediated induction of defense related enzymes to enhance the resistance of turmeric (Curcuma longaL.) to Pythium aphanidermatumcausing rhizome rot.
Ravi K. SINGH, J. S. BOHRA, Triyugi NATH and Rajeev K. SRIVASTAVA. Effect of varying level of diversification and intensification of rice-wheat cropping system on the production potential and nutrient balance of soil in Indo-Gangetic Plain of India.
Andreja Urbanek KRAJNC, Maja TURINEK and Anton IVANČIČ. Morphological and physiological changes during adventitious root formation as affected by auxin metabolism: Stimulatory effect of auxin containing seaweed extract treatment.
Marko OCEPEK and Dejan ŠKORJANC. Circadian behavioral patterns and body weight affect ammonia emissions in a pig fattening room.
Andrej ŠUŠEK. Genetic diversity of Christmas rose (Helleborus nigerL.) natural local populations as revealed by AFLP markers.
Hossam F. ABOU-SHAARA, Ahmad A. AL-GHAMDI and Abdelsalam A. MOHAMED. Body morphological characteristics of honey bees.
Igor VOJTIC. The effect of seminal plasma alkaline phosphatase, fructose and aspartate-amino-transferase on non-return rate in bulls.
Mario LEŠNIK, Stanislav VAJS, Vesna GABERŠEK and Vili KURNIK. Investigation of phytotoxicity regarding copper fungicides applied to apples.

Published: 2020-08-27