Some Regulatory Dilemmas of Artificial Termination of Pregnancy in Slovenian and Comparative Law

  • Viktorija Žnidaršič Skubic University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law
Keywords: artificial termination of pregnancy, abortion, legal status of embryo, reproductive autonomy, right to the artificial termination of pregnancy


The article deals with the issue of the artificial termination of pregnancy through the prism of, typically, conflicting relations between the subjects involved and their interests. It specifically addresses the most contentious and morally-ethically as well as legally complicated relationship between the pregnant woman (the future mother) and the embryo or pre-embryo. The article explains the positions of legal theory and jurisprudence in Slovenia and abroad regarding the status of an embryo as a legal person. The authoress moreover touches the question of legal status of the (potential future) father of such an embryo and presents regulations dealing with artificial termination of pregnancy in domestic and comparative law. Through a schematic summary of typical characteristics of such regulations around the world, which greatly differs in details, the author highlights their basic characteristics as well as individual trends in the field.


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