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The roots of University of Maribor go back to 1859, which is marked as being the beginning of higher education in Maribor. In september 1975, University of Maribor and University of Maribor Press were established and developed together, side by side. Today, University of Maribor Press is recognized as being a reputable scholarly publisher of quality scholarly books, conference proceedings, dissertations and articles that have been contributing to a better understanding and practice of science, in general,  and which are of interest for scholars, policy analysts, policymakers and practioners. University of Maribor Press publishes up to 100 books per year.

Our online resources will serve the entire University of Maribor Press community. We offer authors the possibility to publish their articles in 17 journals listed bellow.

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The Journal of Elementary Education

The Journal of Elementary Education (JEE) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research and review articles primarily but not limited to the area of elementary school education. It brings together academics and researchers from different European countries who seek to promote a vigorous dialogue between scholars in various fields both central and related to scientific enquiry in education. JEE accepts articles which promote advances in education from closely related fields, such as cognitive psychology, child development, applied linguistics and others. JEE is published four times yearly and accepts articles in Slovene and English. The papers published in JEE fall within the following categories: original scientific paper, review paper, short scientific paper, report on academic meetings, and professional articles. In addition, JEE publishes also book reviews, lists of academic meetings and conferences and other material of interest.


REVIJA ZA ELEMENTARNO IZOBRAŽEVANJE (The Journal of Elementary Education) je revija Pedagoške fakultete Univerze v Mariboru in Pedagoške fakultete Univerze na Primorskem. V njej so objavljeni prispevki s področja vzgoje in izobraževanja zlasti na predšolski in osnovnošolski stopnji. Avtorji prispevkov s strokovnega vidika pišejo o problemih, ki zadevajo vzgojo in izobraževanje. Namen revije je spodbujati objavo izvirnih znanstvenoraziskovalnih člankov in tudi prispevkov, ki poročajo o strokovnem delu, raziskovanju v praksi ipd. Revija za elementarno izobraževanje izhaja trikrat letno, štiri številke. V njej so objavljeni prispevki v slovenskem ali angleškem jeziku. Razvrščeni so v naslednje kategorije: izvirni znanstveni članek, pregledni znanstveni članek, kratki znanstveni članek, referat na znanstvenem posvetovanju, strokovni članek idr. Dodatek k reviji vsebuje povzetke knjig, kratke članke, seznam znanstvenih srečanj ipd.



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Participating University of Maribor Faculties: Faculty of Education

Co-Participating: University of Primorska, Faculty of education

Co-Participating: Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Environmental And Regional Sciences And Education

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